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How do you pass a swab drug test

The question is how do you pass a drug swab test?? When the environment in the mouth is clean, you can easily pass a drug swab test. It is the test done from the saliva of a person. The drug from the saliva is the first to disappear within twelve to twenty four hours. But, if the alcohol or the drug has been consumed recently, then few chemicals are required to balance it. It is a preferred method used for teenagers, children and parents as well.

There are various answers to the question how do you pass a drug swab test? The first would be say no to drugs for the next 48hours. Try eating a high fat meal before the test as it would speed up the rate of digestion of the drug. Chewing of ice until the last moment also helps in keeping the mouth full of saliva and fresh. Altoid mint tablets too bring freshness inside the mouth. Another simple way to pass a swab drug test is to place the swab in between the teeth. It fails to collect enough saliva for the sample. Hence the test fails. You also get detox mouth wash in the market as they dilute the effect of metabolite in the mouth. But, it gives burning sensation in the mouth, hence it is avoided.

The question still remains the same how do you pass a swab test? Brush your gums, tongue, cheeks and teeth very nicely before giving the test. Do floss your teeth as drugs can stay in between you teeth. Do gargils of Listerine, to lower the level of drug. Repeat the process several times. You can always go for sour food as it leads to the production of a lot of saliva and help in the cleaning of your mouth. Be careful of not eating any food containing poppy seeds like poppy seed muffin as it is made of opium and would give a positive result for your drug swab test. You can always have a lot of water and cranberry juices in order to dilute the drug metabolite.

There are some detox toothpaste and chemical mouth wash also offered to clean the mouth completely. It can be used as per the necessity and requirement of the person.
The solution of how do you pass a swab drug test surely lies in the above ways.