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Motivation behind Drug Addiction

One major issue of concern for society these days is the avid increase in drug addicted population. Drug addiction can be defined as when an individual feels comfort and euphoric after the regular intake of drugs. Research shows massive population is indulged in this dreadful addiction. There are many types of drugs available in the market and every person has their own reason and story behind addiction.
Justifications by drug abusers for addiction
Amongst few common reasons, one reason for drug intake is the inability to cope up with stress either social or work stress. Talking about work stress in detail, it refers to the tensions or work load you have to face in job. Everyone in working life has to experience such issues and at that time the person knocks the door of drug addiction to get temporary relief from depression thus indulging him in more serious problem. Many people take drugs for pain relief but gradually they become dependent on drugs. The body gets used to the specific ingredients of the drug that if it is not given on time, person becomes restless. Environmental stress also pushes people towards drugs. These days, you can find numerous dealers of drugs who can provide you different types of drugs without any hassle. Therefore such easy access can also be justified as one of the reason for increasing drug addicts.
Drug abuse among teenagers
Recent research shows an alarming increase in drug addiction among teenagers. One main reason for drug addiction among young kids is family pressures. Many kids do not get proper attention or a family life. They don’t have anyone to share their problems they face in daily life. Therefore they take refuge by consuming drugs which give them feeling of satisfaction and superiority. Family background also plays an important role in pushing teenagers towards drugs.
Children grow up in an environment where they see usage of drugs or alcohol by their parents, therefore they don’t see anything wrong in doing the same. Peer pressure or lack of education by parents regarding the harms of drugs misleads the children. Nowadays, it has become a fashion statement among teenagers to consume drugs in parties and institutes. Those who do not intake drugs feel themselves inferior in front of their friends and fellows. Famous celebrities also intake drugs and have become’ Walking Advertisement’ for their fans who follow the actions taken by their ideal.
Furthermore, lack of education in children regarding drugs and its side effects creates anxiety to try drugs but they are unaware it is not one time thing. Once you start taking drugs, you enjoy the taste and the unusual feeling which leads to addiction. There are facilities for proper treatment to fight drug abuse in numerous rehabilitation centers but it is better that if parents know the real reason behind the initiative of drug intake, they should tackle with it first. Also in the phase of treatment, parents should support their kid completely to help him recover from this addiction as soon as possible.