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The Sad Drug Addiction Case of Elvis Presley

There are some other types of addiction like alcohol addiction, prescription pill addiction, and others. All these addiction issues need to be tackled with care. It will be fair if we say that, the addiction issue of Elvis Presley was as a result of prescription addiction. There are so many people who do not know that there is any addiction known as the prescription addiction. This has caused a lot of ignorant people their lives while others have simply gone insane. Prescription addiction can start from just the addiction of an individual to prescription drugs and move to hard drugs like cocaine, heroin, Indian herb and others. This is why prescription addiction needs to be considered very important and checked too. Some people have abused drugs that should have helped them ease some kind of pain and they have become drug addicts of other hard drugs for life. Some started little by little and today they cannot stop popping pills. The story of Elvis Presley is almost the same

.The life of Elvis Presley

Elvis was a very calm young man when growing up. He was very polite and also clean. Although some parents or guardians saw his attitude and love for music as signs of doom, he was a very good young gentleman, but was tame by the standards of today. So, you may wonder how drug addiction came into the picture and ruined the life of Elvis Presley. He had a lot of interest in being a military man so he decided to join the USA army and that is how his woes began. This shows how easy drug abuse is closer to us and why we always need to be alert and also very careful.

How it all happened till the end

When Elvis went into the US Army, he started to take amphetamines. These drugs helped him a lot with stress and he loved to take them. However, after he had left the army and became a civilian, there was a problem. Yes, he generated a prescription drug addiction. Unfortunately for Elvis, his addiction involved or had to do with every single drug you could find in the store of the pharmacist. This was very sad because he didn’t know how to control his urge to popping pills. After so many years of his dependence on drugs, he died after an overdose. Shockingly, 14 different drugs were found in his system through an autopsy.